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Monthly Specials - November 

Every month THE CPR GALS will offer a Monthly Special.

Yes, there will be "Rules", but they will be painless.

We promise.

The "Rules".

Book the class before the end of November.

- Complete the class/presentation before the end of December.

- Each class you book may have a minimum number of students required.

- "Like Us" and our sister website on FaceBook.

- Check us out on Yelp.

- Check us out on Google or leave a review.

- Mention "the Special" when you book the class/presentation.

November is Child Safety and Prevention Month 

THE CPR GALS offers training specifically for "the little ones".

With the holidays coming up over the next couple of months,

there are all sorts of things in which children can get in "trouble".

Learn how to keep them safe and prevent injuries.

Whether you have (or about to have) an Infant - birth to a year old,

a Toddler - from 1 to 3 years old, or a Preschooler - 3 to 5 years old,

or a combination of ages, THE CPR GALS will share Safety Tips

as well as what to do should your child need First Aid, is Choking,
becomes Unresponsive, or goes into Cardiac Arrest.

If you know a group of Parents, about to be Parents, or family members,

or babysitters if you are going to be attending holiday parties ...

in other words, anyone who will be around the children during the holidays, 

you take the class together even if you are in different places - all on the same zoom call!

This presentation is also a great gift for new parents!

This is a non-certified class.

The special offer is a 10% discount.