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*Monthly Special*  September

Every month THE CPR GALS will offer
a Monthly Special.

Yes, there will be "Rules", but they will be painless.

We promise.

The "Rules".

Book the class before the end of September.

- Complete the class/presentation before the end of October.

- Each class you book may have a minimum number of students required.

- "Like Us" and our sister website on Face Book.

- Check us out on Yelp.

- Mention "the Special" when you book the class/presentation.


September is National Preparedness Month.

Are You Prepared?

As Benjamin Franklin Said -

Failure to Prepare is

Preparing to Fail.

The time to Get Prepared is Before Something Happens!

Part of being Disaster Prepared is knowing how to care

for those who are injured or experience a medical emergency.

THE CPR GALS is offering a 10% discount on three of our Zoom Classes -


This is a great class for new, or about to be new, parents

and ither family members who will be around the new arrival.

* Learn the differences between an infant and a child.

* Learn to recognize the signals of a breathing emergency.

* Learn how to care for an infant who is choking.

* Learn the signs and signals of a cardiac emergency.

* Learn how to care for a heart attack.

* Learn how to perform CPR.

also ...

* Learn about key First Aid points for babies.

* Learn how to be Disaster Prepared as a family.

* Learn several tips and tricks when dealing with your baby as it grows.


The purpose of this class is to teach pet owners how to be prepared

for emergencies that involve their cat or dog and how to protect yourself

and the animal from further harm, injury or suffering during emergencies.

*Learn the items that belong in your pet's first aid kit and emergency kit

*Learn disaster preparedness for your pet

*Learn to identify your pet's "normals" and the importance of knowing

the normal physical conditions, behaviors and habits of your pet

*Learn how to safely approach an injured or ill animal and how to restrain him

*Learn how to check a cat or dog that appears to be having a first aid emergency

*Learn how to check an animal for breathing or cardiac emergencies

*Learn how to perform Rescue Breathing and CPR on your cat or dog


The purpose of this class is to teach participants how to recognize,

prevent, and respond to emergencies in, on, or around the water.

* Learn the risks associated with a water environment or water activities, 

   such as drowning or head, neck and spinal injuries.

* Learn how to prevent, recognize and respond to emergencies in, on and around water.

* Learn to recognize the importance of water safety training.

* Learn appropriate safety practices and rules that should be in place and enforced at home pools.

* Learn the steps to take to remain safe in aquatic environments, including oceans, lakes, rivers and waterparks.

* Learn to demonstrate how to perform reaching, throwing or wading assists.

* Learn the steps for preventing overexposure to the sun.

* Learn how to prevent recreational water illnesses. 

THE CPR GALS come to your location, but appointment times are limited.

Schedule your class soon.

Contact us today to schedule your presentations and classes.

Send an email to [email protected] to book your class!