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Babysitter Training -

You have a choice of 3 programs or levels of training -

Babysitters Training provides youth who are planning to babysit 

with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly 

give care for children and infants.

Babysitting is often the first job most youth have, 

and we recommend learning important skills for youth planning to babysit!

This course provides babysitters with the knowledge and skills necessary 

to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants.

This training will help future babysitters to:

develop leadership skills,

learn how to develop a babysitting business,

keep themselves and others safe,

help children behave,

and learn about basic childcare.

These courses are recommended for teens and young adults interested in a babysitting business, 

or who have responsibility for younger family members. 

Child and Babysitting Safety - Level 1

(the "basic" Babysitter)

Course Topics

Becoming a babysitter

What is a babysitter?

Preparing to babysit

Thinking like a babysitter

Being ready to babysit

Babysitting business basics

Getting to know the family

Staying safe

Safety on the job

Safe and supervised

Taking care of kids

Caring for kids and their basic needs

Handwashing and hygiene

Food preparation

Diapers and helping kids use the bathroom


Managing challenging behavior

Naps and bedtime

When things go wrong

Recognizing a problem

Taking action

Getting help

Before help arrives

Course length: approximately 4 hours

A minimum of 4 students is needed for this class - maximum is 12 students.

Certification is valid for 2 years.

Child and Babysitting Safety and CPR/FA - Level 2

(the "well rounded" Babysitter)

Add a CPR and First Aid component.

Course length: approximately 4 hours.

Become CPR/FA Certified and Receive a Certificate valid for 2 years.

Child and Babysitting Safety Plus ... - Level 3

(the "top-notch" Babysitter)

Add a Pet CPR and First Aid component,

as well as a Water Safety component.

Course length: approximately 4 hours.

Receive a Certificate of Completion.

The minimum number for these classes is 4 students.

The maximum number for these classes is 12 students.

Books for the Babysitter Training and CPR/FA Training are available.

Please contact us to get information or book a class.

Please give us an idea of what your needs are, and your phone number,

and we will get right back to you.

Thank You!