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Primary Schools and Families

This presentation teaches families with children in grades 1 through 5

(ages 6 through 11) how to be Red Cross Ready.

Learn the 3 action steps for Emergency Predaredness:

* Get a Kit

* Make a Plan

* Be Informed

Learn how to prevent and respond to emergencies that you

and your family are most likely to encounter.

Lesson 1: Wlcome and Introduction

Lesson 2: Get a Kit

Lesson 3: Make a Plan

Lesson 4: Be Informed - What To Do in an Emergency

Lesson 5: Be Informed - Calling 9-1-1

Lesson 6: Conscious Choking

Lesson 7: Accidents and Injuries

Lesson 8: Self Assessment and Closing

Course length: approximately 2 hours

Handout included

No certificate issued